May 3rd, 2004


Customer Support

"Hello, Athena Consulting."
"Hello. We are having trouble with our computers in building 16."
"Yes, there was a power outage on campus, a lot of things are down."
"Yes, we noticed that."
"You noticed the power outage? Is the power still out where you are?"
"Well, yes, your computers usually won't work very well when the power is off."
"Oh, okay. Do you know when they'll be working again?"
"I'm sorry, I don't know, but it's not actually a computer problem, it's a power plant problem. I can really only help with computer problems."

In my heart of hearts, I always wanted to believe that these sorts of phone calls were fictitious. And I surely wanted to believe that nobody at MIT would be confounded by the idea that the computer might not work with no power. Okay, okay, I know your laptop might be on, but still, you ought to be able to imagine that there's some possible relation!

I am sorely disappointed.
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