May 6th, 2004



harrock, tirinian, and I have successfully accomplished the first step of House Buying (offer accepted!) for 10 Lester Terrace. This is apparently the very fast-moving bit of the timeline, letters to be faxed from mortgage places, offers expiring in twenty-four hours, inspections within five days, contracts to be drawn up with lawyers immediately... it's all a bit dizzying, especially compared to our somewhat leisurely pace of house-looking. Apparently it slows down a lot after everyone gets locked into their contracts, though.

It's been fascinating seeing what the idea of house ownership brings out in people. harrock talks about planting flowers (I think about roses, missing the Chrysler Imperials of my childhood). tirinian considers antiquing ("to find a good vase to put on the piano"). I interrogate Dive Jordan about what taking up carpeting entails. Who knew we were like this?

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