May 21st, 2004


The Mechanic Continues

We've signed the P&S. Five times. With lots of little initials. The whole way contracts work is very odd - changes aren't actually made to the original text, they're entered in as addendums with changes. Which makes a bit of sense for additions, but for wholesale changes it's strange.

(i.e. the original text lists tirinian and I as buyers. Addendum B says "harrock is a buyer too. Addendum B also says "All those time we spelled tirinian's name wrong? This is the real spelling.")

The way we've been handling this is very reminiscent of an assassin mechanic. The three of us are our little committee plot. I'm the one who talks to the realtor, tirinian talks to the lawyer, harrock talks to the mortgage guy. The way Thursday's interaction should have gone is:
Realtor calls me, says "Hey, what's up with the P&S? That was supposed to be done by now. Did your lawyer talk about an extension?" (The P&S was slow because we got the draft from the seller very late). I ask tirinian. tirinian asks lawyer, who says "Yeah, you can get an extension. Your realtor should have the forms for that." tirinian tells me. I tell realtor "He says you should fill out the form for an extension!"
Unfortunately, it wasn't this silly because tirinian was in court and so I had to talk to the lawyer instead. That somehow seemed to mar the purity of the mechanic, even if it saved some time.
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