June 21st, 2004


Weekend of Many Things

Oath run Saturday. It probably wasn't the best of runs we've had; the part that was supposed to be funny wasn't as funny as we would have liked, and the little fight wasn't a great challenge. But I got to have the politics be morally ambiguous, which always makes me happy, and people were mostly working together by the end. Could have been worse. Then, to the Pops "I Spy" concert trip, organized by Kye. The program was not, in fact, exactly the Hapgood soundtrack, but it did have some overlap. And Keith Lockhart is quite the charismatic goof. I occasionally feel as if I should see more Serious Music with the BSO, but the Pops really are a lot of fun - where else do you get Bond Girls in front of an orchestra? Alas, harrock was doomed to disappointment when they didn't use real cannons for the 1812 Overture (they opened the stage doors as if they might be wheeling out a cannon, but nope...)

Sunday was the day of Extra Busyness. Conflux first, a run mostly of puttering. While my character was out of town (in Faerie, rescuing my brother's vampire girlfriend from the Queen of Air and Darkness (Conflux is really the run of as many kitchen sinks as the GM can think of, but it works surprisingly well for that)) The mind controlling mafia family has convinced the entire police department where I work that I'm delusional about them and they're just nice guys. Now, there's something to be said for being on permanent leave for delusionality, in that it frees up a lot of time, but it's unacceptable on general principles.

Then the Oath meeting of a lot of the players, about What To Do About The War. tirinian and I had to leave for the middle bit to go to a Vatican meeting (in which we came up with another plot, which is good, because we don't have enough yet). I wish I had been able to be there for all of it, because it seems to have gone remarkably well, from the bits I was there for and later reports on the parts I missed. It's a subject that the party is by no means of one opinion about, but the discussion seems to have stayed on target and covered a lot of useful subjects, and refrained from having anyone biting anyone else's head off. Okay, I wouldn't want to try to make them do this very often, but I'm very pleased by how it went.

It's a weekend in which I'm more happy with other people's accomplishments than my own....
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