June 23rd, 2004



Ion Storm sent me a copy of Thief: Dark Shadows (aka Thief III), that arrived yesterday. I probably can't play it, between having a non-cutting-edge computer and getting motion sick (I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I have never really played any of the computer games I worked on, except in brief excerpt).

It's an ending, though. Looking Glass ended a while ago, and that was more of an ending; this is more like the ending to the epilogue. But it's a final one - the last volume of the trilogy is out, a lot of the people who worked on the game are laid off.

I looked in the manual to see if they put in the thank-you to mjperson that I asked for (that's his cloak in all the cutscenes of Garrett), and they hadn't. But anyone I might think to complain to has gone.

No one's there. It must have been the wind.
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