July 12th, 2004


Busy weekend

Friday, tirinian herded harrock and I to see De-Lovely, a told-to-music story of Cole Porter's life. I liked it quite a lot (more than most reviews I've subsequently read seem to), partly because of the music, partly because Kevin Kline was entrancing, and partly because I thought the relationship, while no doubt atypical, was quite believable. It reminded both harrock and I of Amadeus - the treatment of the music (especially the Night and Day scene, which, like Amadeus, insisted that you understand the song, not just listen), and the story: flawed man, flawless music, ending in tears.

Saturday was the Mad Shopping Trip to Wrentham Outlets. Really, longer than any sensible shopping trip in its right mind ought to be, but managed to keep a mob of eight in loose social contact the entire time. Four of us bought the same shirt - there shall have to be some sort of official Group Wearing, before we do it accidentally. And harrock was lured into trying shirts in actual Colors. Dinner afterwards at the Summer Shack, where I had not actually been before - this was clearly a mistake, and I shall not listen to bitter restaurant reviews quite so credulously.

Sunday was Vatican, and then Conflux, and then dinner, and then The Miser at the ART. This was far and away my favorite of the season (and, for the record, we are six for six for lying-on-the-stage). The staging was, as always, brilliant, and most of the acting, also as always, very good (I wasn't as fond of the daughter as the other parts, and I found it a little disconcerting that the son had a New Zealand accent when the rest of his family were Americans, though I have no actual complaints about the son). But, in contrast to many ART shows, it was funny. And comprehensible. And I actually cared about what happened to the characters.