August 15th, 2004



Well, the upstairs is done except for the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is a pretty large "except", but it's currently the staging area for Stuff to Throw Out, so passing another trash day would be good. The work in progress

The apartment is strange - light and airy with no stuff cluttering it, but not the place where I live any longer. On the other hand, I haven't remapped to living in the house yet. It's kinda like traveling. This is the apartment-shaped hotel room I'm in, anonymous and bare, except for the bit of stuff I've scattered around.

Yesterday harrock and I were dutiful consumers (it was No Tax Day in Massachusetts, for those elsewhere in the country) and bought a little kitchen table and a rug for the computer room, and more draperies for the living room there. Pictures to come, once we get the fashion dragon to do something nice-looking with the short windows.

Well, off to rescue tirinian from the airport...
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