August 19th, 2004



Hmm. I could have sworn that I ran into the album script in cfox's photo album, but no, that's BINS. Hmm. Well, in any rate, I converted my stash of on-line photos to more organized album with (in some cases) captions:

In other news, there seems to have been some miscommunication between me and the Floor Guys; I thought they were going to wait an hour for the power to come back, and then call if they had to leave. And I thought I had given them the spare key in case they needed to get in. I'm not sure what they thought, but they did leave at the power outage (which can't have been that long), and came back in the morning, only to call to wonder where I was to let them in. But they're let in now, and if the power doesn't go out in Davis again, then they should be done by this evening, and the floor should (please please please) be walkable on by the time we move Saturday.

I was cranky about this earlier, when I had to dash from work back to the house, but I'm better now. :)
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