August 20th, 2004


Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin

So, for the past dozen years, tirinian has been creating small mountain of change in his bookshelf. It being time to pack up his bedroom (with help from ilhander), I decide to crusade against it, rather than packing the thirty pounds of coins to move. There are places that will turn coins into real money, with almost no expenditure of effort. Like the Star Market, for example.

So I start scooping coins into the containers we have left - which are not many, because I've packed them all. One pecan jar, one juice bottle, one tupperware container, one ice cream tub, and one wastebasket. This leaves one full tupperware "as a starter" for the next change pile. This last sends harrock into a fit of incomprehension - you can see the smoke - tirinian doesn't have the activation energy to start a coin pile from scratch? harrock can scarcely go a week without coin piles spontaneously generating like mushrooms that he has to stomp out.

Meanwhile, tirinian and I have been regarding each other with equal bemusement - he finds it funny that I am taking his change pile quite so personally, and I find it funny that he is so attached to it. Me, I collect change so that I can take it to the store and turn it into something useful, like food. Tirinian appears to collect change with a more draconic motivation - a large pile of treasure is better than a small one. He agrees that a bathtub of change would be nice, if coins were more comfy.

Meanwhile, I have begun to spot other secret stashes of coins elsewhere in the room. There's the broken coin-sorter with coins in it. There's the little easter basket with quarters in them. I glare balefully at all of them, and confiscate them. Ilhander, meanwhile, finds this all hilarious. Which is good, because if he's going to be here in the damp sweltering heat putting things in boxes, he ought to get some entertainment out of it.

Of course, by the time we finish all this, the Star has closed for the night. Oops.
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