August 24th, 2004



Well, there were some problems with a red car in the way, and with the estimate being quite low (when I said "twelve bookcases", did they not think to include "books for twelve bookcases"?), and a torrential monsoon, and twinknj not having space cleared, and the movers looking exhausted, and the sofas not fittin up the stairs to the third floor, and tirinian and I abandoning harrock for work and then dinner...

...but we're moved. Whew.

The moment of epiphany for me, far more so than the stuff vanishing, was when I was talking about going back to clean, and tirinian said he had left the door unlocked.

Now, tirinian always locks the door. He has an area effect lock-the-door field, always on. I can go downstairs for two minutes, leaving him sitting at the computer, and come back up the stairs to find that the door has locked, despite his never having moved.

I took stun damage. He raised his eyebrows and said "I don't live there."
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