August 31st, 2004


Settling in

The contractors came again this morning, and it sounds like things will start getting torn up next week. They seem to think it'll be fast. Whew. Of course, that'll be when tirinian's mom is here; when you have house guests isn't the ideal time to remove the bathroom, but I'm sure it will be an adventure.

It's not quite home yet, but it's close. The third floor doesn't really exist yet (we probably aren't going to bother unpacking until the work there is done), and the living room has the piano and desk but otherwise none of the right furniture. But the kitchen is a real kitchen now, and the computer room is a computer room, complete with newly installed three-prong outlets, thanks to mjperson (no sofa yet, so we can't all hang out there yet). And the guest room / library is definitely a library, if not yet a guest room.

It's like being back in Virgina (well, not that Virginia is there any more) - familiar but not home. Space that I recognize but don't fit perfectly in.

Give it another week, and I'll be used to it. It took me months to be used to being married. :)
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This tree is about a block away as the crow flies, longer to walk because the bike path is in the way. I can't quite believe that it exists in this particular nigh-urban area - this isn't an urban tree. This is a tree that belongs in the Shire, or the center of an enchanted clearing, or possibly trying to kill people at Hogwarts. It's awe-inspiring even to walk by.

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