September 4th, 2004


Unpacking Continues

The living room has joined the kitchen and the computer room as Livable, if not Finished, with the advent of tirinian's ancestral furniture and a bit more unpacking.

Each room is developing its own personality. The kitchen is functional and casual and quirky. The computer room is distilled sociable nerd (to segue to the third floor, which will probably be distilled twinkie on the one side and nerd/twinkie crossover on the other). The bedroom is (to me) still harrock's bedroom - I don't know if I'm ever going to get over that. The library as yet makes no pretense of being a guest room - it's like the MITSFS's punk kid brother, daring you to make something of its decor.

The living room is nothing like the Ibbetson living room - it's an echo of my childhood, and clearly of tirinian's as well. The dark wood furniture of grownups, the gravity of a grand piano, leavened and lightened with the ceiling mobile and the Key to Hell. And my obsessively beloved bowls, finally getting to show off instead of hiding in the pantry. I could get to love this room, it's like coming home to a place I haven't been yet.

Some new pictures
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