September 21st, 2004



So, when we constructed the Vast Barricades of trash outside of Ibbetson, I looked up the Somerville trash web site. And it said (or at least, the places I found to look said) things like "put your recyclables in these recycle things, paper in paper bags or twine, you must get a $20 permit for "white appliances" like washing machines... but that was about it. And then they happily picked up all the Vast Barricade, including the pieces of sofa and the wood from the ex-planter on the back porch, and so on.

So I mistakenly thought that ex-wall wood was okay, too. Nope, and it turns out there's lots of trash regulations in the state legal code including those that prohibit trash disposal of "construction" trash.

Happily, harrock is much better at being an idiot than I am. No, no, that didn't come out right at all. When I realize I've been an idiot, I get all cranky and snap about; he just deals (perhaps due to a willingness to take turns on who is cranky at any given moment), and now we have someone coming to take it away tomorrow.

Of course, I'm still imagining the neighbors looking at the wood and saying "tsk, what were they thinking, what a mess." Which really bears no resemblance to what our actual neighbors would say, since they're all preturnaturally friendly and helpful.
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