October 2nd, 2004



There is apparently a street convention that if one gives baked goods on a disposable plate, they can be eaten; if one gives baked goods on a Real Plate, then the plate should be returned with other baked goods on it. (We didn't accidentally violate convention yet, but now we know.)

And, when I went grocery shopping today, I walked to the butcher's and bought some meat and eggs and butter, and then walked to the vegetable store and bought some vegetables...

I'm going through another phase of "this is *not* how city life works..." though I'm no longer spooked by it. When house-hunting, I wasn't sorting based on friendly-neighborhood. I wouldn't have even thought about the concept. But having accidentally happened into one is pretty cool. (The neighbors asked how the Assassin game is going! !! )

(And, for those who are paying attention to the recurring plots, we do have heat again. Yay!)
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