October 11th, 2004



Whee. Katya and Edrick are married, and I can put up my feet. They agree with me that a ten-day is more work (and harrock can probably directly compare, having been a Conspiracy GM and a wedding minion in short succession). And it's not like the minions did the bulk of the organizing; just the bulk of the final fetching and carrying. Everything went pretty well; the timetable got pretty rushed (due to not budgeting for the receiving line), but I think the only one who was fretting about that was me. I note (from several data points) that I have been much more nervous about being part of someone else's wedding than my own. If I messed something up in *my* wedding (failed to light the candles, fell off the gazebo), that was fine, I wasn't going to be bothered. But if I messed up someone else's by forgetting my lines or processing the wrong way, I can't be so blithe about it. But I didn't mess up my lines, whew, and the improvisational scooting seems to have been okay.

In the planning stages, I was worrying that they weren't having enough fun. By the time of the actual wedding, they were happy. That was good.


Later, the submariner remarked about livejournal, that he just doesn't get the urge to public confessional that keeping a livejournal seems to entail. So I've been thinking about that, probably more than his throwaway comment was really meant to warrant. For me, this is rarely about Confession. Or Bitter Ranting (another common meme for what livejournals are). And it's not really *public* public. I would be surprised if there were many people I don't know reading this; I'm just not *that* interesting.

I suppose there are two sets of people who I expect to read these things - the people who I talk to a lot, and the people I don't. In the latter case, it's easy. I used to write people like mijven and countertorque the occasional letter, but I haven't in a long while. If I did, the letters would have this sort of thing in them. Anecdotes about what I've been up to, meandering philosophy. And for the people who I do talk to a lot, well, it means I don't have to wonder too much whether they're tired of Updates on the House Work because I keep telling them things. :)

In general, it's stuff I would say, to people I would be happy to say it to (and who can skip over it if they're not interested in hearing it).

Though why I feel compelled to defend this particular forum to someone who doesn't actually read it... that's a more puzzling question.
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