December 14th, 2004


Bit and Piece

The upstairs was officially finished in time for the housewarming. Yay!

The house (now officially christened La Mancha) demonstrated admirably that it can hold a large number of people, though it isn't so good at letting a large number of people walk from room to room all at once (especially when there are four small children chasing each other in circles through all the doorways). For ideal socializing, the third floor and the first floor would be next to each other, and not separated by the small spaces of the second floor. (But if the second floor was on the third floor, the bedrooms would be cold...) The two large spaces work well to put people in. There was about the right quantity of too much food (though I nearly forgot about the hot snacky things), and lots of Bonus Treats that other people brought - if I were to describe something as a chocolate shoggoth or sea slug, it would only be as a great compliment to its exotic nature. And then chenoameg put all the leftovers away while I washed dishes, so everything was tidy again by about midnight! Whee!

Last night, the ART called to ask how we had liked the play we saw there (The Provok'd Wife). Unfortunately, harrock was pretty Dayquilled up, and thus not their ideal respondent. (I think he must have sounded like someone whose wife dragged him to the play while he slept through it...). Anyway, I'm now inspired to talk about it.
  • I've liked the ART more as last season went by and this season started. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm getting more used to them, or they're doing things I like better.
  • The streak of lying on the floor is still unbroken.
  • The Virginia accents were interesting. The women seemed a little more Southern-Belle, and Constant was off and on, but Heartfree and Sir John were very good.
  • I really liked the prologue and epilogue, which were clearly written for this production, but in part in the verse style of the play and in part in modern English. Several Shakespeare plays I've seen have epilogues, in theory addressed to the audience, but I've never really thought of them that way. "If we shadows have offended, think on this and all is mended" - that's just how the end of the play goes. This was an epilogue to the audience and that somehow really worked for me.
  • The set was (as always, for the ART) novel and fun to look at. The rolling boxes were great.
  • The plot was amusing, though the final twist was a bit abrupt. If you're going to have a sudden surprising influx of thwarting devices, there should be a longer pause before the person who caused them repents and takes it all back. As it was, there was only about a minute's span of thwartage.
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Happy Ending

A commercial interaction, in dialogue:

Froogle: Look, there's this place selling very cheap burgundy tablecloths.
Me: Lo! Company, let me buy one of your tablecloths!
Company: Sure. Oh, and we take Paypal.
Me: Well, sure. Have some paypal money.
Company: Yay!

<A few weeks pass>

Company: Oops, sorry. The place we get these from doesn't make them any more. You won't be charged for the order.
Me: But I was already charged for the order. I paid you via Paypal, as per your advertisement.
Company: No, you didn't, we never got that money.
Me: What?
Me to Paypal: Um, so, I bought this thing, and I paid them, here's the transaction number, then they said they were out and were cancelling the order, but when I asked for a refund they said they never got the money. Can you help them find it? They seem nice but confused.
Paypal: This is an automatic response. We'll investigate whatever it was you told us.

<Something like five hours pass>

Paypal: You've been credited with a refund.
PHONE CALL from Company. From a live human being: We're really sorry about that. We've refunded your money. We're terribly sorry about the problem. Paypal is a little confusing for us still. We really really apologize for not giving you a refund sooner. Honestly. We're sorry.

I feel as if I called the Super Star Destroyer down upon them for my twelve dollars. I'm just glad it was on my side.
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