December 16th, 2004


Christmas Shopping

harrock and I played our annual day of hooky to run around and Christmas shop. As always, we found some good things, and some that are not so great, but most of them at least have some thought behind them.

Over the past years, I admit I've been mildly embarassed when I get a present for someone who didn't get one for me, or vice versa, but I've mostly managed to get over being mortified. The thing that I've been spending far more worry than is reasonable, now, is "what things are couple-gifts and what are single-gifts". What if we bought two things, but one is cooler than the other? I shouldn't get to make the non-cool one from harrock just because I'm doing the wrapping. But "two things for you from both of us" feels unaesthetic in a different way . Or, if we bought two things for another couple, and they're vaguely more appropriate for different halves - is it "For X from both of us" and "For Y from both of us?" Or "For X from me", and "For Y from him?" Or just label them both "For X and Y from us"?

I've definitely been worrying about this more than I need to... :)
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