December 26th, 2004


Christmas Cheer

harrock and I have returned from Christmas in Maryland, where we got to overdose on cats and babies. Well, three cats, one baby. Amelia (nicknamed "Mealy-bug" by her parents - that's one of those nicknames that will return to haunt a kid on her first date or something...) wins the award for the most cheery baby I've ever seen - when something makes her unhappy (hungry, needs changing, whatever), she'll make a little "wah?" noise, and then wait for a while to see if whatever it is gets better before fussing again.

For the most part, we lazed about and read and played with the baby, and cooked fancy dinners. It'll be kinda refreshing to get back to work - visiting family is sort of like dessert. Yummy and fun, but too luxurious for everyday.

Now, the phone is out and the car doesn't start, but I can't seem to be very grumpy, even at Comcast (the phone stopped working a week ago, but Comcast won't even come to look unless someone will be home). I'm warm and cozy, with somewhere comfy to hang out and my toys to play with. Like Mealy-bug, I am simple to make happy.

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