January 9th, 2005


Social Week

When I was home for Christmas, my mother asked "Now that you've moved somewhere that doesn't have people in the same building, do you socialize less?" At the time, we'd been spending a bunch of time obsessing over the third floor, so I wasn't sure, but after this past week, I can definitely say No. Now, it's been a particularly social week, due to shumashi being here and also a visit by the Algorithmancer, but also, an awful lot of my time is scheduled social events anyway, like runs. However, we're doing well at attracting people to come over and play games. Not that I'm much of a board game player myself, but I'd always rather have people around. One of my New Year's resolutions is to always have something on hand to feed people who drop by. And now that I've been shown where Formaggio is, it may frequently be cheese. (Note to droppers-by: the cheese on hand is currently a soft and mild blue. Plus there are ginger cookies for making, in the freezer.)

Revelation One: There are real people out there who do Tactical Psychology! That's so cool!

Revelation Two: I took stun damage once, from realizing I was ten years older than shumashi. I must take stun damage again, from realizing that I am probably twenty years older than Phaeton. If I can confine these disconcerting discoveries to once a decade, I suppose I'm doing all right. Wait! No, I miscounted! Just nineteen! I'm still okay. Though that means I'll have to get stunned all over again next year, if I meet any freshmen.

Synchronicity One: I am told that I would have gotten "I got a rock" trick-or-treating even if I hadn't dressed as the Charlie Brown ghost. But I did dress as the Charlie Brown ghost. I think one of us must be cheating there, but I'm not sure which.

Synchronicity Two: I got to show off my telepathic link to ilhander in the Comet mechanic Friday, in which ilhander had to describe the shape of states (from a jigsaw puzzle) in few words, and I had to guess which one he meant. I am proudest of "Guess" - "South Dakota", since "Yet another rectangle" "Colorado" was easier than it sounds. Missisippi really does look like a Simpsons head facing left, and Nebraska looks like Boba Fett's ship. I wouldn't have known either of these things before Friday.

Lack of Synchronicity: On Thursday, the heel to my boot broke off. I was a bit worried about how to get home in the snow, and nearly pestered harrock into coming and picking me up at work. But then I had the better plan of getting shumashi to bring me shoes from home when she came to meet me for lunch. On Friday, my new boots arrived at work in the mail (ordered in December but on back order). My co-workers were briefly convinced that I had ordered boots and had them FedExed to me...

Lack of Synchronicity Two: Our tickets to the ART were not, in fact, January 9 2004, though that's when they were scheduled to remind me on the calendar. Oops.
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