January 17th, 2005


Snowy Weekend

Oath run Saturday, that ran extra-late (but went well). Then, because mjperson had to dash off, we we went to Kaya for dinner and had bulgogi, which he particularly likes. This minor betrayal amuses me, because it makes perfect sense ("Mike always suggests Uno's, but he's gone, so we can go somewhere else!")

Sunday was The Syringa Tree at the ART. We had tickets to a previous show (but are noodleheads), so as subscribers they'll stuff you into unused seats (which there are some of, even for a sold-out show). There was, however, much confusion on the part of the ART staff telling us to wait in the wrong places, which was quite puzzling since surely they have to do this as a general practice. So we ended up with much better tickets than our usual ("hmm. we could start a practice of missing the real show!"), and it was well worth the fuss. It's probably the least pretentious show I've ever seen at the ART - one woman, a swing, and really good lighting. The one woman was amazing (and a believable six-year-old!), the story was moving - I would highly recommend it to see, had not that been the last performance.

Sunday was also an experimental brunch at Fire and Ice (pancakes with whatever you want are nice. Omelets are too large) and a rampage through the Cambridge Artists' Collective to acquire some new plates. Not bowls, platters. They're not as nice to hold and fondle as bowls are, but some things really do need to be served on dishes that don't make them slide down into the middle.

Sunday was also also many hours of Battlestar Galactica. Having both seen the new miniseries and the old series recently, they kept jumbling in my memory and I kept waiting for the bombing of the peace conference, but it never came. So far I don't mind Baltar, but his plot could easily get to annoy me; many other comments have been made competently by countertorque and navrins.

Perhaps it's time to shovel the sidewalk.
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