February 2nd, 2005


Various things

  • A new bug to report: users whose accounts were deactivated still get the warning email messages that they have a vacation auto-responder set up. If they were forwarding their mail, this warning message still manages to get to their other address. However, they can't turn off their vacation message, because their accounts were deactivated. I find this a really funny bug, for some reason.
  • Like tirinian, I was noticing recently that La Mancha has managed to evolve from "the place I live" to "home". I think harrock acclimated faster. I also think I need to hang out in the library more, because it's still a bit of an alien room. The third floor never really got as cold as I worried it would - at worst, one wanted to have a shawl or a blanket to sit around to watch TV with.
  • I am no good at "shovel snow with your legs, not with your back."
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