February 3rd, 2005


Morning and Evening

This morning, we got a phone call from the next-door neighbor (who works in the building behind N42): "I hear the Red Line is doomed, so I'm driving to work. Do you want a ride?" Woo. I like our neighbors. Though we failed them, by not having tomato paste during the blizzard. (It sounds like the Red Line wasn't actually doomed after all, but it's been doomed enough recently that there was no counting on that).

Last night, I made pies (for the Kids run and tirinian's possible people-watching-tv plan on Saturday. One of my New Year's resolutions is that if I'm warned a day in advance about people coming over, I will make sure to have some sort of tasty snack. This was technically shumashi's advice to Katya and Edrick, but I've stolen it.), and the first stage of cassoulet (for the Oath potluck wedding). It's interesting that one can mix smells of different sorts of things, and it all smells good. Mmm, pie smell and bacon/sausagey smell. But I wouldn't actually want to mix the pie and the bacon before eating it. Still, smell and taste are a lot more linked than other senses - there's no issue with looking at bacon and pie at the same time. I wonder where I was going with this thought - it seemed interestingly significant back when I was thinking it last night.
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