February 25th, 2005


House Jacks concert

Wow, the House Jacks are amazing. I knew thatwesguy was an entire voice-percussion section, but they had a voice-trumpet and a voice-electric guitar, as well as generally impressive singing. And who knew their lead singer (or perhaps just their middle singer?) was Tyr Anasazi? (Nearly everyone reminds me of someone else. In this case, it's a compliment - Tyr was one of the best reasons to watch Andromeda, for several reasons.) The Beelzelbubs (the first opener) were fun; I wasn't quite as keen on the middle guy, and would rather have had more Beelzelbubs instead.

The half hour of "medley of things the crowd shouts out" was hilarious - I wonder if it's particularly gratifying or particularly exasperating to have what seems much like "having fun goofing around" be as popular as "stuff we spent a long time writing and rehearsing."
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