March 1st, 2005


Annoying Yarn

So, I've been working on the biannual sweater for mjperson. It's a silk/mohair/wool blend, part Noro Kureyon (multicolor) and part blue. I think it'll be nice.

Anyhow, I miscalculated slightly and ended up needing to get one more skein of Noro Kureyon, and the only one left at Woolcott was awful! Okay, it's always been slubby and I don't personally like slubs, but this skein isn't just slubby, it's... stringy? There's these little tangly pieces of something more like thread, and the whole skein is infested with them. I spend 70% of the time pulling out the threads and only 30% knitting. Bah. If they had all been like this, I wouldn't have bought the yarn to start with.

It's not quite as horribly ugly in the knitted fabric as it is in the yarn:

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