March 30th, 2005


Bits and Pieces

Wednesday has become make-soup-for-leftovers night. This time was a ham and barley soup, a change from the different variants on beef stew. It was supposed to use ham hocks, but they creeped me out too much looking at them in the store. I'm probably a better adventurous eater than I am an adventurous cook, but things on bones always seem to be too much trouble.

The sweater for mjperson is slowly coming together and blocking upstairs, and in the meantime I'm starting socks which obviously have to be for shumashi. Maybe I can work through some of my boxes of yarn stash.

Oath Season Finale was Saturday. Mostly a bunch of combats, with a jeopardy mechanic for extra credit and several dramatic plot resolutions. In the end, though, it seemed very straightforward for the amount of work that went into it; the duplicate-timestream finale of Season 2 was (I think) more clever, and the dr-cain-wedding at the end of Season 3 had the nice plot twist. Still, there's not too much misdirection that is fair to do with a save-the-world ritual that the party has been prepping for for years. Now, though, (after getting over being exhausted) I'm somewhat at a loss for what to do with myself, without production to grind through and the players running around like mad things puttering with everything in sight.

Easter Egg Hunt was Sunday. (Mom promises more pictures; my camera batteries gave out on me.) This was the first time in the new house; there are certainly a lot more places to hide things than in the park (or in the Ibbetson St. upstairs). However, candy is clearly no longer the thing to put in the eggs - perhaps next year will include bulk dice from Chessex. Those were popular as wedding favors.

I feel like there should be more exclamation points in my anecdotes, but I'm still sort of devoid of exclamation points, having used them all up over the weekend.

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