April 8th, 2005



(No, this has nothing to do with any bachelor parties...)

At the airport in Minneapolis, my dear husband heads off to the coffee stand in order to buy a Decadent Frozen Coffee Drink. I ask him to get me a Decadent Hot Coffee Drink. He returns, with some sort of vaguely coffee-themed oreo milkshake for himself, and, for me: a "Depth Charge", that is, a large black coffee with a shot of espresso in it. This wasn't quite what I had in mind for "decadent", and I don't even drink coffee without cream and sugar in it. But he says the name was cool.

Thus: Men only think about one thing, and that's BLOWING STUFF UP.

(Still, it provided me a good five minutes of teasing at the time, and makes a far better story than any normal decadent coffee drink would have, so on the whole I think I win.)
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