April 18th, 2005


Two Musicals

Saw MTG's Company Friday, and then Harvard's Carousel. Both seemed to have "local" reviews (that is, the Tech and then the Crimson) that came across as "The actors were good. I don't really like the book. So, enh." I'm trying to put my finger on why this irritates me.

Certainly a review that just focuses on whether or not the acting is good, and doesn't touch whether or not the thing is worth seeing beyond that, doesn't help me in deciding whether or not to see the show. The couple of shows I've really not liked at the Lyric have had nothing to do with the cast, and everything to do with the stupid script. But still, you wouldn't write a sports article that says "I don't really get the point of baseball, personally. The Red Sox did really well, but overall, you might want to see a football game, they're less boring."

And I think that also, a review of a student performance in a student paper has aspects of "article about students doing a thing" rather than "critical review", which is more appropriate for reviewing something external. On the other hand, the papers themselves probably don't want to come across as any less real than they already do, so writing only puff pieces isn't really the right answer. Well, I've mostly written myself into a corner and away from any actual useful opinions on what I want. Oh, well.

Anyhow, I liked them both. I really have to think of Company as disconnected vignettes in a Musing About Marriage, since they don't seem to fit together to me into a coherent whole, and the more I try to make them fit, the more I want to argue with someone about what they seem to be fitting into. Anyway. Amy's "Not Getting Married" was well-done and hilarious. Marta's "Another Hundred People" sounded easy, which was even more impressive. The set was completely that of the apartment of people I know - it made the people seem more plausibly my generation than the gorgeous but asceptic BCA production.

I'd never seen Carousel before, so heading into the supernatural came as a bit of a surprise to me. I liked the ensemble dances a lot - perhaps I'm naturally more interested by leaping about than by ballet, I'm not sure. All the leads were really nice, and there was a great bit when Mr. Snow comes on, with a lot of nodding, which was great fun.

And, finally finished putting together mjperson's sweater. Of course, now I'm worrying that it'll be too baggy - silk seems to be happier to stretch than wool. Well, we'll see.
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