April 29th, 2005


Four Runs

Last night's Kids run was one of the most ridiculously silly things I've been in, in a long time. We were captured by a supervillain on Friday, and our school wouldn't be able to rescue us until Monday morning. So we had to stay in the villain's deathtrap for two and a half days, keeping breaking out just long enough that he had to reset it and start the eight-hour countdown again. Over, and over, and over. The poor villain was growing ever more frustrated, and less interested in our role as Bait and more intense about the fact that we were going to DIE DIE DIE... in eight hours. Of course, after about a day of this there were aspects he hadn't originally considered, as we whined that we had to go to the BATHROOM, and we were HUNGRY... so we ended up in a deathtrap with a stolen port-a-potty in it.

The night before that was Comet. Orcs don't scare us now, so we got kinda cocky in the middle. But the Leviathan was definitely scary and creepy (okay, maybe especially so for me, because I find submarines and pool cleaners scary and creepy). Turning the water into blood. Ew.

The night before that was Auria - we're off in Misly trying to kick some religious politics into not being stupid, most likely through the covert application of sharp pointy things. Misly, like the southern City States, is one of the places that we can't just romp around with impunity, and that always gives a different feel to the run. I also find that with Henri (who I mostly thought of as the party leader) having retired, I have to pay more attention. Probably good for me, even if I miss Henri.

Skipping a day for the Vatican meeting, the day before that was the first of the Oath reveries. Basically, we brought in a guest star to torment them for three hours, which he did a great job at. Ironically, the log (essentially just a transcription) is pretty much the Most Boring Log Ever. Now, logs of runs which are mostly combat tend to be pretty dry, but this is the first example of a run that was way over on the non-combat side of the spectrum being even more dry.

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