June 2nd, 2005


More Imaginary Politicians

So, I took several people's suggestions for "a more random politician" or "someone we won't know what they look like already", and threw some more faces at him.

I still can't predict well which faces will clash horribly. Substantial differences in angle can blend out, as can facial shape - the guinea pigs in my morphman demonstration have very different shape, and for all that this one combines someone looking forward and someone looking over their shoulder, the face itself isn't bad. But of the five below, all picked to be basically the same straight-on shot, three look (to me) like plausible people, one looks a little off, and one looks like a morphing accident gone horribly awry, and I have no idea why.

I'm not sure this is still an Experiment, so much as a Messing Around. But it did teach me how to make just the face morph, and keep clothes and background from just one image, which makes for a much tidier picture than many of my previous examples. (Short answer: you have to physically transform the "background" image, so that it lines up with your merged image, but you don't transparentize it.)

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