June 12th, 2005


Book Organization

So, I've finally finished cataloguing the library, which hit just over 2000 books. A lot of data entry, but I can get enthusiastic about obsessions. The next long-term goal is organization beyond just listing them in whatever order they ended up on the shelves in, but in the meantime I've been pruning duplicates and organizing to amuse myself, like putting Door into Ocean, Door into Summer, and Door into Shadow together as a series.

Most importantly, though - I've bonded with the library/guest room now. :) The kitchen and the bridge were probably the first rooms in the house to be comfortable, because of the time spent in them. The library, on the other hand, has mostly been the demesne (*) of other people. But now it's mine too.

*: Why does this word exist? What does it do for us that "domain" doesn't, other than confuse me?

So, there are a lot of books that are Free to a Good Home. Let me know if you want any. (Those that go unclaimed can go to places like the MITSFS and the library, but I figured I'd give people dibs first).
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