July 15th, 2005


Two Things that Happened to Me

  • The other day, I went to Fresco's (the little place on Mass Ave right by MIT that has good fish and chips). The woman who works the cash register was firmly embedded in conversation by a woman on my side - the cashier clearly noticed me, but was having a very hard time breaking free to take my order. She'd open her mouth, about to say "Can I-" or "There's a-" or something to try and divert, and then the Talky Woman would say something like "And then my mother died..." and that would clearly be an Inappropriate Moment for her to say "I can't talk to you", so it kept going. I wasn't really in a hurry, so I figured I'd wait for her to finish her story and then order.

    Then, the guy who makes the food started cooking things. This clearly startled the cashier, and she turned and looked at him, and then looked at me. "He's making fish and chips! Are those for you?" "Er, yes, probably - that was what I wanted."

  • Today, my machine, geskekelud, started becoming Very Unhappy. It wouldn't let me through the screensaver after lunch, it had thrown off everyone else on it, things were timing out left and right... finally, the second time I rebooted it, things were more clear: someone else was stealing my IP address! Happily, my co-workers are good at figuring out the exact location of a stolen IP address, so they formed a posse (I couldn't find my dart gun! Woe! But the others had guns) and we stomped through the building to shoot the culprit. That was very gratifying. And it's the closest I've ever come to being a Network Security Black Helicopter.
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