August 26th, 2005



When harrock explained annuals to me, I was baffled. You plant the flowers every year, and they die? Over and over? My formative experience with flowers was the Bay Area, and there's no such thing as an annual there, because nothing dies in the barely chilly winters. (Well, maybe there were annuals. But we never planted them. We just had things that bloomed every year. Like marigolds, which I am told are annuals in places that have winter.)

Still, I could see how it would be worth the effort (of course, I say this having not actually done any of it myself). The zinnias have more color than anything, and they're happy to be put in water and stashed around the house. ilhander decided that the drinking glasses we were using were Insufficiently Nice, and now we have a small fleet of bud vases (and two more from the Maine Pottery Expedition) to brighten all corners of the house.

In other news, it has been Week of Relatives. tirinian's mom visited last weekend, then harrock's Mom and Aunt Deb visited during the week. The latter tramped all over doing interesting touristy things, and then there was the Crab Smashing for dinner, in which Aunt Deb provided entertainment for the rest of us. (They give you three crabs and a hammer at the Summer Shack! A hammer!) Another lesson of the week: do not try to rush beef stew. My traditional technique of making it for leftovers and finishing at midnight works better than trying to get it done for dinnertime. It still tasted good, but one shouldn't have to use a knife on soup.
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