September 11th, 2005



A while ago, geskekelud crashed and I lost all the stuff I had on the hard drive. At the time, I was particularly annoyed because I was really sure I had backed the files up (not recently, but once...), but the people who deal with backups told me nope, there were no backups, I had never actually *done* a backup. (I couldn't actually check, because you can only look at your own backups, and my machine was, as mentioned, crashed.) So I sulked about that, but then Ops got me my thesis back (yay!) and some of the other stuff was saved elsewhere, and so on. So the few bits of stuff that were gone, no great loss.

Anyway. Having determined not to make the same mistake twice, I reinstalled the backup software and started backing up the local files again. And this time, I made sure I could *restore*. And there, in the files to be restored, were all my old files. The ones that were "never" backed up. I really *should* be happy, because now the other remnants of lost files are returned. But instead, I'm just *more* irritated. Apparently it only makes a record when you back up the entire set of default directories. Just in case I need to restore my font cache. Sigh.