January 19th, 2006


Game in Box!

Well, we had packet handout. No new players showed up for the Standard Rules, but they made it to the real handout. And, in fact, we had no packets at all that didn't either get picked up or already have a way to get it somewhere. Now it's just the last bits of things like signs to finish up, and to see how actually playing goes. I never really know what to think about my games until afterwards.

It's no longer the Age of the Ten-Day in the Guild. I don't believe short games have killed the Guild; but the smaller zippier mammals of short games have certainly begun to outcompete the ten-day dinosaurs. They're huge. They're crazily complex. They're more work than anything I know except a doctoral thesis. And one-nights can be more tightly themed, they can guarantee everyone is in game the whole time, they can balance more effectively. There's a lot to be said for a one-night as an art form. But the ten-day --- the ten-day is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The thunder lizard. As an art form, and as a craft, they're magnificent. And if they finally pass, and the mammals rule the earth -- well, I am glad I got to be there for the age of the dinosaurs.
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