April 17th, 2006



The Easter Egg Hunt was a success, yay. Inspired both by chenoameg's post about cleaning and by the idea that people would be looking hither and yon around the house, we did a good spring cleaning beforehand, which should last for a little while yet. Dice were a good addition to candy - they look pretty and enough people want them (or don't want them) that they provoked a lot more swapping than usually happens. And then there was much hanging about until late playing (or watching) board games, fortified by chicken salad and then, later, pizza.

Saturday, harrock and I caught up on our ART ticketage and saw "Orpheus X". I liked it more by the end than I expected to at the beginning, somewhat like Picasso will sometimes strike me as impressive though I usually don't care for modern art. There was, of course, writhing on the stage (and under it). Orpheus's song to Persephone did convince me of Orpheus as a bard able to move mountains and charm the weather, though much of his previous musical noodling had not. I'm not sure why Orpheus's manager and Persephone are the same character, but I liked the actor.

Hmm. I appear to have less to talk about on either of these than I thought. The PaperbackSwap site continues to entertain me, though it's not really a way to cut down on the number of books I have. I'm just converting books I don't want into books I haven't read. Anyhow, since the point is to get books to Good Homes that Want Them, anyone who wants any of the books posted here:


should let me know.
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