April 18th, 2006


Rising to the Doom

So, due to various people being lame or miscommunicating, and some denial on my part, I ended up getting poked by the producer for Patience yesterday afternoon: the program designer had punted or vanished or fallen in a hole and wasn't answering email, so could I do the program? For Thursday? Of course "for Thursday" really means "for Tuesday" because Copytech wants two days turnaround (unless they're hosed and want three, which could be a problem). So now the program is done and to Copytech, and I've taught myself to use InDesign (which is, I have to kind of admit, a better tool for graphic layout than LaTeX is, much as I love LaTeX). But now "program designer" will haunt me until the end of my days, as my attempt to foist the task off on someone else this time was a catastrophic failure.
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