April 24th, 2006


Good Weekend

Saturday's run went pretty well - the mysterious bits confused them for a while, and then there were some funny bits. They didn't leave the planet to be consumed by Agent Morden's version of reality (though it was a close thing); they did leave the big combat with the Terrans to Dr. Kye to do solo, which was eccentric (and left poor ilhanderout of all the exciting bits). I blame tirinian, as is traditional whenever the party goes in a direction we don't expect.

Sunday was Patience. Now, I admit that Gilbert and Sullivan often irritates me a bit just because the characters are so inane. Setting them in a high school magically made that all okay. Sure, they're inane. They snub and mock the old/fat girl, they pair up as arbitrarily as if they've been eating those flowers from Midsummer Night's Dream - but high school was like that! We even kind of had the popular goth boy I had a crush on, though I don't think he got the cheerleaders.

In more program-obsession, this thing keeps happening where I give Copytech files and they shrink them to put them inside "normal" margins. Which isn't what I want at all, I already have margins, and the one place that I bled out of the margins (for the stripe on the front cover), I wanted it just printed up to the edge as far as they could go. I will have to figure out how to communicate this to them in the future, though "please tell me how much this job will cost" never seems to get communicated, so I might have to try going in person again. There were a few other bugs in the program, but nothing too catastrophic.
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