May 2nd, 2006


Notes from the North Midwest

harrock says they're the Midwest. jdbakermn suggests "the top of the Mississippi". I'm fond of "the states that start zigzag-I" (which include Michigan, but that's up there too), but it just seems to confuse people.

Anyway, harrock and I have returned from the Whirlwind Zoosh around Minnesota and Wisconsin, in which many relatives of his (and two cats) were seen.

  • The first time I've been harassed by a TSA agent about carrying a backpack, a small carryon bag, and a purse as "more than two carryons", and it's in Madison. Yes, I am technically carrying three objects, but they total a lot smaller than the two rolly-carryons that other people have. I will have to readjust my automatic assumption that people in the Midwest are generally nicer.
  • Audiobooks are definitely a good way to pass long drives. I still don't like the radio conversion from ipod to car stereo, though.
  • Anyone who's in the lower left corner of Wisconsin should stop by the Chetek Bakery and stuff themselves on pastries.
  • As mjperson already knows, a Clicker is a great icebreaker with small children and people who are small children at heart.