May 11th, 2006


Whee! Pipes!

So, I decided to run my list of ISBN numbers from the Great Library Catalogue through the search-the-wish-list function at paperbackswap, and discovered that of our ~2000 books, 391 are on someone's wish list. That's higher than I would have expected, and I've been entertaining myself by going through and picking "books I think are mine but I remember not liking much" to post. This is somewhat more gratifying than posting the James Patterson book only to discover that about a hundred and twenty other people have also posted it.

I also find it amusing how startled I am to learn that people have wishlisted things like "Selected Political Speeches of Cicero on the Command of Cnaeus Pompeius Against Lucius Sergius Catilina". People other than harrock read these things? I guess so. No doubt harrock can be startled that someone else has wishlisted "Magic Motif Crochet: Thirty Modern Modular Crochet Designs". (I wonder why I have a crochet book...)

Anyway, it's always fun to connect the output from one toy to the input for another, and this one worked particularly well.

In other news entirely, it's time to start tracking the progress of the garden again:

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