May 30th, 2006


Good Weekend

Cheese and Sausages for mjperson on Saturday. That was fun, and was a good example of small-enough-party-to-fit-in-living-room. A bunch of us made a Formaggio's run earlier in the day, which is one of my favorite places to shop because you can wander around and taste all sorts of sample cheese, plus say things like "Can I have a taste of some sharp cheddars?". Strong blue cheese does go with honey - who knew? And now we need an excuse to have more dessert wine.

Sunday was busier - a book raid on rifmeister's list of books to get rid of. Then X-Men 3 (spoilers later for merastra), Finale for dinner and dessert (whee!) and then Island of Slaves at the ART. Really Island of Drag Queens, it was visually interesting and well-acted, but I found the story itself sort of enh. This is often my reaction to 18th-century drama - the people are just alien enough that I can't really sympathize. In this case, the anger and vengefulness of the put-upon and beaten slaves seems compelling enough; when they eventually forgive their masters and go back to their proper places, it's a little disappointing. Writhing on the floor still a continuous streak.

Monday, we ate lots of mjperson's Thesis Meat Trove, and then I worked on my takl on Mailman I'll have to give on Thursday. Hence the "nervous".

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