June 5th, 2006


Runny Weekend

Saturday was probably the goofiest save-the-universe run we've had in Oath yet. The combat worked pretty well, and everyone was remarkably good-natured about the cow-throwing mechanic. (vorpalbunny gets bonus points for precognitively saying "Assume a spherical cow"...). It accidentally segued into an ethical-v-instinctive dilemma we hadn't intended at the end, but it mostly all worked out for the best.

Sunday was Conflux, with a bunch of puttering and also the angst (*) inherent in different party members getting along better with (or going out with) different not-always-good NPC groups coming more to the fore. It's nice to be able to have occasional intense in-character arguments without worrying that it's going to lead to hard feelings in-player, or backstabbing in-character. Conflux is good for that both because the players can trust each other pretty far along that axis, and also because the characters are siblings, which means that it doesn't matter how much you disagree, you still have to stick together. It's also probably the most solo-intensive run I'm in; there might be more listening-to-other-people-run than running, per person (well, maybe only if you leave out combats). I do wish we felt like we had a better idea of how to save the world, though.

*: I think this might be angst even via tirinian's definition, since there's some lack-of-decision-making going on.