June 30th, 2006



I seem to have neglected to mention that harrock and I went to visit my family in California last weekend. My niece Amelia is still the Most Adorable Child Ever, and any claims to the contrary will be simply ignored.
The new niece Isabelle is still too much of a very small baby to be exciting (6 weeks), though she does seem to have the same easygoing nature (for a baby) that Amelia did. While Amelia looks very much like Jess and I did when small, Isabelle seems to look much more like Dave. I suppose that's fair. However, I have no pictures of Isabelle 'cause she had a rash from the heat and Jess didn't want it memorialized.

My sister and I were raised in traditional suburbia; I've ended up a pretty solid city mouse, while she's gone much more country. She's raising chickens! Still, of all my family, she's the one who seems like she's closest to the same species as me.

Also on the trip, we saw some old family friends and visited Dad & Jody at Clear Lake, but that's harder to blithely summarize, so I won't.

Also, more stairwell. I'm sure most of you aren't nearly as excited about this painting thing as I am, and I begin to suspect that it's going to be a little overboard by the time it's done. But it's the silly floor, so over the top won't hurt much, and it's easy enough to turn it all white again if we get tired of it.