July 31st, 2006


Two Miscellany

Whee. Reindeer Games is all in a box - actually, about four boxes, because it's crazily full of physreps - without any overtime. It was kind of funny going through the game and coming across bits that we had lost the key for, or things like the memory packets file: "Look at the contents of the packet, and the person who gets it. Deduce what the trigger must be." Or the item cards, also all in one file, sorted by character, alphabetically. ("Why does he have this thing? That can't be right, can it? His sheet doesn't mention it. I think it's just misplaced in the file."). The Template has made us soft, with its comforting layers of organization.

Threepenny Opera was interesting. (For the first time, there was nothing pixelated or weird-margined about the program that I can blame on Copytech, but at least one stupid mistake that I don't know where it came from (well, me, obviously, but what the heck was I thinking?)). The singers were very good (especially in full chorus - I was sad there were so few songs with everyone), and I really liked the "boys" as a group. I had expected more (any!) people to die, and hadn't expected so much traditional G&S "people smacked in the head by love plots, behaving inexplicably". Surely that wasn't actually why they put it on, though.
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