August 1st, 2006



I should have said, "If you don't want a seat when it's offered, you've got no call giving him this much of a hard time for not offering it to you." But then the cranky lady would have been yelling at me instead of him. He seemed self-confident and polite and well-spoken, so he didn't really need my help, but still. Everyone sits in the seats-for-old-people-and-handicapped-people when the train is full, not just this guy. And yes, people sitting there should be watching for old people and handicapped people, but so should everyone else. "Excuse me" is the right way to solve the problem, not "...people like this asshole, who probably can't even read." But I was a coward and let him get bitched at by the old lady with a cane who didn't want a seat, all by himself.

And then on Mass Ave, there was the guy running for the bus. He caught up to it after it shut its doors, while it was still sitting there at a red light. It sat there, and sat there, while he knocked on the doors. And then it drove off. There wasn't really anything I could have done about that, but the guy looked a little like the previous guy, so he had been having a really bad transportation day.

And now the air conditioning at work is out, again. It was at 50% yesterday, and then got fixed, and then shorted out overnight, according to the informative mail in my box.

Maybe if I took a nap I could pretend I was starting the day over.