November 5th, 2006


Comet snifflies

Comet is the only run that really makes me cry. Even the NPCs have become real to me, and in my heart, in a way that is reserved for PCs in most runs. Now, Dunyazade has this Destiny hanging over her head that all her sisters will die fighting the Breaker, so only the first death, of my eldest sister Scherezade, was a surprise. When she died, it was a big shock, though, and the end of the run had me crying.

This Chapter End, my fourth sister, Sarinda, died. I was ready for that, though - she's been flirting with her fate fighting Slith for runs. But also - and a surprise, so I'm tragified - I lost two Motley Crew. By the time in the run that Bart died, I was well expecting it. Zhan said the NPCs were in the most danger, and I had precog'ed that Bart wouldn't make it, so I told him he couldn't come. Then Jabril snuck him along anyway (because he really *wanted* to come, and we needed blue mages for underwater), and Pho Sien said the day held the death of Sarinda, and the death of Jon Miller, and the death of Bart. So I was ready for that. And he died fighting the Breaker, in person, and you can't ask for better for dying young and with a purpose.

But Robert died too, and that was a surprise, so I can't even write this post without a few tears. Robert got the fewest spotlight moments - he didn't link up with other PCs, the way Linatherius or Zilda did, and he didn't have tons of shtick. But he was my friend, and he was real to me, and I'm going to have to go and explain that I got him killed to his mother, and so, today, I'm still heartbroken.

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