November 24th, 2006


Turkey brining

For those in the brining discussion, it Worked Well. (Kind of funny that the high compliment for turkey is that it is Moist). Since a four-gallon pot was insufficient to hold the turkey very well, I set up a milk crate lined with garbage bags. But that turned out to be a bit large when compared to only two gallons of brine, so the plan ended up being to semi-hang the second garbage bag to get it to stay somewhat tighter around the turkey. Lo:

It didn't finish cooking quite on time, but then, when it came out, there was really no hint of pink not-done-yet, so maybe I was just not using the meat thermometer right. (As for the timing, I expect that was because I kept putting things like casseroles in on the top shelf).

There was much good company, and the food was yummy, and much help in the cleaning up afterwards. And then I listened to people play Order of the Stick (rifmeister stayed quite in character as Vaarsuvius and kept making me giggle) while I napped on the couch. Success!
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