December 28th, 2006



So, there's this Skymall magazine on airplanes, that tries to sell you things from all sorts of other catalogs. Being a compulsive reader of things, I tend to read it. Some of the things that they're selling, though - have they no shame?

harrock was appalled by the combination iPod dock-with-speakers / toilet paper holder. And I can sympathize with that. But I was most appalled by this one, sufficiently so to write it down for later:
"Wouldn't a rejuvenated fresh complexion be worth a simple application once an evening for just one month? The Wrinkle Terminator creates a well-rested, fresh face without the embarrassing pulled look of a face lift. Here's the research behind it: Wrinkled and flabby skin lacks what dermatologists call "The S Complex Gene." Via a "copy sound wave," this gene can now be restored, simply and electronically. Using your every day facial cream and an electronic copy sound wave function adjusted to your own body chemistry, Wrinkle Terminator produces beautiful results in just one week, but even deep wrinkles and creases will disappear with 30 days of regular use.
I'm not sure why this bothers me more than ads for magnetized bracelets to enhance your golf game, or advertisements for shampoo which focus on the amino acids for your hair to eat, or "power conditioners" for your stereo, but it does. Are there levels of outright falsehood that are worse than others? It seems like once you get to patently untrue, it all ought to be the same...
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