January 1st, 2007


Holiday Sandwich

Historically for me, Christmas has been for family (and the date of Christmas is extremely variable), while New Years is for friends. This year is probably an extreme example of that; as mentioned, we were in Minnesota/Wisconsin to visit harrock's family last week, then came back for a week, and now we're off to California for my family. In the (less than complete) week, I got to startle my boss by being in the office for two days, and also there was: Collapse ) I have seen more people in the past four days than I do in many months (though I guess many of them were repeat people, and I shouldn't really count them multiple times). I am full of tasty food and friendship and warm fuzzies. For both auld acquaintances and those newly-met, and for those who I see even less often but are still in my thoughts, I am grateful.
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