April 9th, 2007


Easter Eggs

There was Easter, and there were Eggs. Yay! As is traditional, we had Too Much Candy, and as is newly traditional, we also had Dice. Dice seem popular even amongst the non-twinkies. We hid eggs around the bike path this year; at this time of year, it's probably even sparser than the Ibbetson Street park was, but it feels more traditional to me than hiding them in the house. Kith brought bagels (two dozen appears to have been the Right Number - my estimate of Fifteen was way low), and chenoameg brought quiche, so it wasn't All Sugar. More yay!

Traditions are nice. Silly traditions that involve interacting with your friends or family are even better. Christmas in particular is festooned with traditions, some old, and some new, but it's the ones like "Mom tries to hide the ugly pink face ornaments and the rest of the family tries to put them at the very top of the tree" that make me smile most.

(Hmm. Maybe next year we'll institute handicapping, to keep quillion from finding all the eggs himself...)
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