April 16th, 2007



  • Decide to spend the day on which housemates are at work fixing the dripping bathtub faucet.
  • Turn off water.
  • Partially disassemble cold water faucet.
  • Take faucet stem to Tags and ask what I should get.
  • Salesman says "replace the washer here. It's a size 1/2" large, which we seem to be out of. (To digress, what sort of a numbering system goes 3/8, 3/8 large, 1/2, 1/2 large, 5/8, 5/8 large in sizes?)
  • Go to Home Depot and buy 1/2" large washers and O ring thing.
  • Come home. Swap washer and O ring.
  • Turn on water. Note that faucet is now running rather than dripping.
  • Turn off water. Wish there were a closer shutoff than basement.
  • Decide this isn't actually a 1/2" large, it's a 5/8".
  • Go back to Tags. They do have 5/8". I am briefly confused by the 5/8 large, as I had until then thought that "large" was a different diameter (thickness?).
  • Come home. Swap washer again.
  • Turn on water. Note that faucet is dripping more than it used to, though not running.
  • Turn off water.
  • Put the old O ring back. It was probably thinner than the new one.
  • Turn on water. Note that it's dripping about as much as it used to.
  • Wonder if it's actually the hot water faucet causing all the trouble.
  • Turn off water.
  • Partially take apart hot water faucet stem, but fail to be able to get the final bit out. (Interesting. I didn't take these two pieces apart at all in the cold water faucet. I didn't even know they *came* apart!). There's no way to get at the washer.
  • Put hot water stem back together.
  • Turn on water.
  • Note that faucet is still dripping. Sigh.
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